Next-Gen Office Phone System

Grow Your Business Faster

hosted phone service

with AustenTel’s all-in-one phone system. Embrace calls, chats, and SMS in a single client, no more app-juggling! Shift effortlessly between devices or connect a supported IP Phone. Ready to switch? Here are 4 reasons why:

1. AustenTel: Easy on the budget, ready to grow with you!


2. AustenTel prioritizes security

Your data and conversations are encrypted before being transmitted over the internet. This is a unique feature – not offered by other companies. Unlike most VoIP systems that expose call details, extension passwords, and user information, AustenTel ensures your information remains private. We are committed to your security.

3. Take your business phone anywhere you go


Experience the Difference

Say goodbye to clunky phone systems and hello to AustenTel Business Phone Service. Empower your business with modern features and flexibility. Ready to revolutionize your business communication? Contact us today to get started with AustenTel Business Phone Service!

Accelerate your businesses growth with AustenTel

Hey, don’t limit yourself to just phone calls! With chats and SMS, you’ve got more ways to connect, all from one convenient spot. No need to juggle apps. You can choose from web, desktop, mobile clients, or even connect a supported IP Phone. It’s all about making communication easier for you!

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Admin Web Portal: Streamlines administrative tasks by offering a convenient and accessible way to manage the phone system from a web-based interface.
  2. Call Analytics: Provides valuable insights into communication trends, serving as an essential tool for strategic decision-making.
  3. Call Recording: Enhances quality assurance and staff training, and provides a useful resource for dispute resolution.
  4. Auto Attendant(s): Saves time by efficiently directing callers to the appropriate department or individual, reducing the need for a human operator.
  5. Mobile and Desktop Apps: Facilitates seamless remote work by ensuring that employees can access the phone system from any location.