AustenTel Business Phone System

Secure and Cost-Effective Phone Systems for State and Local Governments


AustenTel prioritizes security.

Your data and conversations are encrypted before being transmitted over the internet. This is a unique feature – not offered by other companies. Unlike most VoIP systems that expose call details, extension passwords, and user information, AustenTel ensures your information remains private. We are committed to your security.

Key Features and Benefits

  • End-to-end encryption and stringent security protocols to protect sensitive government information.
  • Reliable and redundant systems for uninterrupted communication even during emergencies or outages.
  • Advanced call recording and archiving capabilities to ensure compliance with government regulations.
  • Scalable solutions to accommodate the needs of state and local government offices of all sizes.
  • Cost-effective pricing options to align with government budgets.
  • Dedicated customer support with expertise in government communication needs.

Secure and Affordable Communication
for Government Offices

Say goodbye to communication concerns and hello to secure and cost-effective phone systems with AustenTel Government. Trust in our solutions to protect sensitive information while providing reliable and affordable communication.