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AustenTel Business Phone System

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VoIP: Redesigned for the modern remote workforce

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Why Choose AustenTel

More expertise means better execution

At AustenTel, our focus leads to better execution. By specializing in telecommunication services and dedicating our expertise to meeting your specific needs, we provide reliable solutions and exceptional service, ensuring your communication requirements are executed with precision and excellence.


It’s better to have a partner who’s in sync

Having a partner who is in sync and understands the challenges of growing a business is truly invaluable. At AustenTel, we strive to be that partner, working closely with you to provide the right communication solutions that align with your business goals. Together, we can navigate the path to success and empower your business to reach new heights.

Get better communication

Experience better communication with AustenTel. We believe you deserve a partner that is always there for you. That’s why we provide dedicated teams and 24/7 support lines to ensure any issue is resolved promptly, because your success is our priority. Being available, responsive, and committed is ingrained in our DNA.


Price shouldn't put excellence out of reach

At AustenTel, we firmly believe that price shouldn’t hinder your access to excellence. Our commitment is to provide high-quality communication solutions that are affordable for businesses of all sizes. With AustenTel, you can experience the pinnacle of excellence without breaking the bank. Let us help you achieve your communication goals while keeping your budget in mind.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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What Our Customers Say About Us

I would highly recommend AustenTel for their service, attention to detail, support and attractive pricing. We have been through two phone system upgrades in the past and this by far has been the easiest and least troublesome. The voice quality, reliability and cost benefit has been outstanding. I would not hesitate to utilize AustenTel for any of our future technology endeavors.
Renneth Reed.
Electra ISD
AustenTel Hosted Voice has allowed Jacksboro ISD to migrate to an affordable VOIP solution. We could no longer afford the fork-lift upgrades and continual costs of licence changes. Our integration partner, AustenTel, provided great platform design and implementation solutions.
Brett Thomas
Jacksboro ISD
Our office recently hired AustenTel to install and set up a new phone system for our consulting business. The monthly savings will pay back the initial cost in about 10 months. The voice reception on the phone is clear both to us and to our customers. We are very satisfied with the new system and its many great features.
Blake Wilson